ENTP, 7w8

PNW dweller who writes about philosophy, theology, and decision-making.

Matthew Stanley

Thought Technician, Concept Clinician

I thrive on tinkering with ideas in thought and conversation. I’m constantly asking why things are what we say they are, and how we might be able to think them differently. My work focuses on the process of developing ideas, critiquing ideas, and analyzing their functions within systems.

Since ideas happen in language, I devote myself to analyzing how we use language in argumentation and decision-making. I enjoy identifying inoptimalities and mistakes in certain argumentative strategies, as well as experimenting with and developing overlooked alternatives.

My personal work also serves as an “intellectual clinic” where I put conceptual and rhetorical analysis to work dissolving problems and relieving tensions by identifying and addressing non-epistemic drives underlying arguments and beliefs.

Primary influences

  • Jesus Christ
  • Slavoj Zizek
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Karl Barth
  • Michel Foucault


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Wheaton College (IL) (2018)

During my time at the Philosophy program at Wheaton College, I particularly focused on questions of textual interpretation and meaning. My work interacted heavily with continental philosophical thinkers such as Heidegger, Gadamer, and Wittgenstein.

Master of Arts in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis from GCAS College (Currently attending)

I am currently a student in The Global Center of Advanced Studies’ Philosophy and Psychoanalysis program where I am working at the intersection of psychoanalysis, Christian theology, and continental philosophy. My advisor is Dr. Creston Davis, and you can find my research proposal here.

Employment experience

Launch Team Leader at Brivity (2020 – Current)

Brivity provides a suite of customer relationship management products tailored for the real estate industry. Built by Ben Kinney, one of the top sellers nationally in Keller Williams, Brivity’s products are used by the best teams in the industry.

I am responsible for leading, supervising, and improving the StartUp team which onboards customers coming directly out of Sales. As the leader of the team, I constantly have to collaborate with other teams to ensure my team has the resources they need to prioritize their time, hit our goals, and provide an excellent customer experience. I enjoy an immense amount of freedom to identify problems, develop solutions, and re-build processes if necessary.

Co-founder at Sash
(2019 – Current)

Sash is a social embetterment platform which empowers users to display the full range of their training, experiences, skills, and interests through claiming badges for their ‘Sash.’ I collaborated with the three other co-founders to develop the product vision and business plan. I project managed the dev team and lead the QA process to ship Alpha on 5/2/2020. Beta is currently under development. I am also a primary contributor and editor at Sash’s blog.

Research Analyst at XBE, LLC
(2018 – 2020)

XBE is a science and technology company which revolutionizes the way asphalt contractors plan, execute, and analyze their work. My role as research analyst combined customer implementation, customer service, and customer success responsibilities, and gave me the opportunity to leverage data and process analysis to help customers improve their daily operations.

Teacher’s Assistant at Wheaton College (IL)
(2015 – 2018)

I worked as a teacher’s assistant for two professors, Dr. Vincent Bacote (Theology) and Dr. Seth Ehorn (Koine Greek), grading exams and papers, assisting with editing and bibliography for academic monographs, and conducting guided research.

I also have experience indexing, constructing bibliographies, and editing academic manuscripts for publication. If you are interested in my services, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or my blog’s Contact page. Thank you!


  • “Postmodernity and the Structures of Creaturely Life: A Hermeneutical Proposal” in Philosophy and the Christian from The Davenant Institute (2018)
  • “‘It was Nothing’ – Heidegger and the Kyoto School on Anxiety and Nothingness” in “Dianoia: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal at Boston College, Spring 2018, Issue V”