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Scrimshaw Collector

I sometimes remark that in another life I would have been a captain of a ship. Other than the human mind, nothing has been more mysterious to humans than the sea. Yet sailors made scrimshaws from the bones of the ancient mammals they fought with on the vast expanses of water. I love to feel small. I love to enjoy my own limitations. I only find interesting questions and challenges in those borderlands. On my blog Scrimshaw Collection, I share essays which serve as dispatches which I’ve sent back to the mainland. Perhaps they will spark a desire for adventure in you too.

Lowering the bar in Vancouver public schools

The Globe and Mail ran an article today reporting that Vancouver public schools have eliminated their math and science honors programs (apparently the English honors programs were already removed years ago). This latest round of cuts has been portrayed by the school district as a move towards furthering equity and inclusion within Vancouver’s public schools. … Continue reading Lowering the bar in Vancouver public schools

Epigenetics and Original Sin: A Proposal for Further Research

Anyone purporting to offer salvation needs to begin by demonstrating the problem for which they claim to provide the solution. This requires a “fall” narrative of some kind. The Bible’s language presents two parallel streams of thought in tension — legal and metaphysical – to describe this corruption and its transmission. Scripture’s legal perspective emphasizes … Continue reading Epigenetics and Original Sin: A Proposal for Further Research

The Sash Report

I am an editor and contributor at The Sash Report, where I primarily write on education, learning, and labor. Sash is a social embetterment platform which uses micro-badging and storytelling to empower users to display the full range of their training, experience, skills, and interests. Please feel free to sign up and build your Sash. We’d love to have you join our growing community of doers.