“Every day we wake up and decide to build a world together.”

I primarily produce content here at my blog Kenkyuu, and I am also an editor and contributor at Sash’s official blog.

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In Japanese, “Kenkyuu” (研究, けんきゅう) means study or research. I chose this name to capture the central insight of Saigyo’s poetry — love things for being themselves. Humans are small, and I realized that, in order to learn to be human, I needed to embrace this smallness through great study and practice. My blog Kenkyuu is the record of my attempts to grapple with the limits, structures, and quandaries of life as a small creature in a complex world. I hope you will join me on this adventure, and perhaps we can find some companionship along the way.

Saigyo viewing Mt. Fuji

The Sash Report

I am a chief editor and contributor at the Sash Report (Sash’s official blog) where I primarily write on education, learning, and labor.

Sash is a social embetterment platform which I which I helped launch in 2019. The team wanted to create a platform which empowers users to display the full range of their training, experience, skills, and interests by claiming badges.

Please feel free to sign up and create your Sash today! We’d love to have you join our growing community of doers.